Tenant Forms

For the protection of your personal information Attaché-TMS does not have an online form however we do have a downloadable the offer to lease form. Please download the ‘offer to lease’ PDF fill in and return to info@attachetms.ca. Once we have received the offer to lease we will confirm with you that we have received said form.

Rental Process

When you find a rental house or rental apartment that you are interested in renting through Attaché-TMS, contact one of our rental agents at 613-727-1369.

We are here to assist you every step of the way:

  • 01 ​We start by scheduling a visit to the available property with our rental agent.
  • 02​Once you have seen and are interested in renting the house or apartment you will need to fill out and submit an Offer to Lease form. (Download PDF form from site).
  • 03​When we have received your Offer to Lease we will contact you to verify your information and offer. (An “Offer to Lease” is just what it says. You can ask for painting, one month free, reduced rent or other incentive).
  • 04​We will contact and present the landlord with your Offer to Lease. The landlord will respond to the Offer to Lease and may accept, counter or reject it.
  • 05​If you and the landlord are unable to come to agreement on rental price, term and conditions (painting etc.) based on the Offer to Lease, the rental will not be completed.
  • 06Your Offer to Lease is conditional upon Attaché-TMS verifying your financial ability (employment, bank accounts etc.) and completing landlord reference and credit checks to its satisfaction.
  • 07We will contact you to inform you if your Offer to Lease has been accepted or rejected.
  • 08When vetting a tenant we require several documents such as photo id, letter of employment, copy of an employment contract, notice of assessment from revenue Canada and written reference from 1 or more landlord’s.
  • 09When your offer has been fully approved and accepted we will prepare the lease and arrange for a lease signing in our offices.
  • 10First and last month’s rents are required when the lease is signed.
  • 11All our leases require tenants to carry Tenant’s Insurance (contents and liability; proof is required).
  • 12A move-in inspection of the property will be scheduled with you for the start of the lease. At this time you will receive the keys to the property.