What Makes Us Different?

Attaché-TMS has been in the property management business since 1979. Attaché-TMS started as Attaché Home Care & Rental Services Inc., National Capital Management and TMS Associates (East) Ltd., three separately owned and run companies. NCM bought Attaché in the mid 1980’s and we bought Attaché and NCM in late 1993 and later TMS East in 1997. Attaché Home Care & Rental Services Inc. and National Capital Management were merged into Attaché-NCM in 2004 and now in 2012 have merged into Attaché-TMS Associates. So what does make Attaché-TMS different? We believe that what makes us different is that we don’t stand still; we are always willing to change, adapt and move forward. We are open to suggestions from all sources. We are always learning. Attaché-TMS is always upgrading our systems from our accounting package, to our email, to our website and beyond. If you don’t keep moving you will get left behind. Providing the best customer service by always being fresh is what makes us different.

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Management Team

Management Team

Attaché-TMS uses a team approach to property management. Every member of the team is involved in managing your property from the client services and communication manager, to the rental agent, to the property managers, to the property administrators, and to the financial administrator. Here at Attaché-TMS there is always someone to be of service to you.

Our Team

Ted (TC) Taggart

Senior Property Manager

613-727-1400 Ext.:102


Murray Light

Property Manager & Rental Agent

613-727-1400 Ext.:103


Property Administrator

613-727-1400 Ext.:101


Stephanie Taggart

Client Services & Communication Manager

613-727-1400 Ext.:105



Appreciate your help in looking into the ant ANTICS. Thanks too TC for his involvement. I would expect nothing less from Attaché.

Well done.

Doug Property Owner

Hi Tracy!

Thanks for everything! You are a great asset to Attache!

Maria Tenant