Dear Tenants,

Greetings from Attaché–TMS Associates.  As winter is quickly approaching, we’ve included below several maintenance items which require your immediate attention. With your assistance, we would hope to avoid unfortunate problems which may occur as a result of neglecting to attend to these matters.

1. Please turn off all exterior water taps from the outside, inside and within the garage. Ensure that the pipes are empty of water, fully turn on the outside tap, then turn off the inside valve, then go back outside and turn off the outside tap.

2.  Check for annual furnace service – the filter must be replaced or washed (if washable) monthly, during the heating season.  You will find that this minor effort will provide you with savings on your heating bill and prolong the life of the furnace.

3. Adhere to the smoke detector bylaw.  Please check to make sure that every floor has a working smoke detector and that there is a smoke detector near the sleeping areas.  If there are any missing or defective smoke detectors, contact our office immediately. Check the batteries in all the smoke detectors and replace them if they are not charged. Whether your detector is a direct power source (which have back-up batteries) or exclusively battery operated, please check the detectors monthly and report any problems to our office.

4.  Please make sure that the exterior central air conditioning unit is covered and ensure that the breaker switch for the air conditioner has been turned off at the electrical panel. If an exterior cover was not supplied, a piece of plywood across the top will suffice.

5.  Check the fireplace.   With regular usage, it should be cleaned every two years. Contact our office if you feel it needs to be done.

6.  All garden implements, hoses (drain first), lawnmowers and lawn furniture should be brought indoors.

7.  All storm windows should be washed and installed (if applicable).

8.  Check that the eaves troughs are cleared of all debris. If necessary, please contact our office.

9.  Should you leave the residence for a period of more than twenty four hours, it is highly recommended that the main tap or valve at the water meter be turned off (except for those residences that are heated by a hot water system). While absent from the property, heat should be maintained at a level of at least 15 degrees Celsius.

10.  As per your lease, it is mandatory that the property be checked every twenty-four (24) hours if you are absent from the premises for longer than 48 hours, between the months of October to April.

11.  Keep all accessible drains free of ice/snow and/or debris.

12.  Rake the leaves before the first snowfall.

Please be advised that we sub-contract private inspectors to perform the annual inspections.  They will call you directly to book the appointment.  Our inspector is Mike Koch, and his telephone number is:  613-725-7184.

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation in these matters and do hope that you will have a happy winter. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding these instructions. We will endeavour to make your stay with us as comfortable as we can make it.


Attaché-TMS Associates